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About Us

Our B and B journey - from herding goats and guineas to hosting wonderful B&B guests

We moved to what's now the Bed and Breakfast at Asheville Farm in August 2006. (The farm property had an Asheville mailing address until the Leicester Post Office relocated to its current location in 2001. Our address is now Leicester, NC. But we're still just 15 minutes on Hwy 63 from downtown Asheville.)

Before moving here, the only animals we'd had were 3 kitties and a mini doxy. But our parents grew up on farms and we have a love for animals so we dug right in.

That October, we started with a dozen chicks and soon added a dozen guinea fowl. A month or so later we purchased 5 goats from the Carl Sandburg farm in Flat Rock, NC. In March 07, we bought 7 Icelandic sheep ewes and way too many Icelandic rams as part of a farm liquidation package.

Things began multiplying quickly. Within a year we had a countless number of chickens and guineas running around, 12 goats, 21 sheep, 2 grand pyrenees livestock guarding dogs, and a donkey. (Nearly every goat doe and sheep ewe produced twins and one had triplets that first year.) The following year, the numbers easily doubled again.

Fortunately, we were starting to find our farm-footing by then. You can follow along by scrolling through the photo gallery at AshevilleFarm.com

A short while back, we relocated to a home adjoining the farm property, slowed down on the animals and committed ourselves to being the very best B and B hosts.

Fortunately, bed and breakfast hosting has been a great experience. Our guests have been clean, interesting, gracious, patient, respectful of the property and ever-so-generous with their encouragement and compliments. For our part, we do everything we can to make certain that every guest has a wonderfully fun and relaxing, 5-star stay.

If you're planning a trip to the Asheville area, we'd be honored to have you stay at our Bed and Breakfast at Asheville Farm. We're pet friendly and family friendly!

Need more info?

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at [email protected] (When emailing us, be certain to include the words "Bed and Breakfast" in the subject line so that your message doesn't accidentally get overlooked).

We hope to see you soon!
The Bed and Breakfast at Asheville Farm

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